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Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

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ENEMY MINE - Barry B. Longyear

This is a classic science fiction story about a man who becomes spaceship wrecked on a planet with his enemy, a drac. The two are thrown together in a survival situation where co-operation is theonly alternative to death.


A movie was made of this story starring Dennis Quaid, but much of the story is lost in translation. The entire last part of the novella was left out of the film version.


It's a good read, but also a commentary on the nature of cultural clash and prejudice that carries a timeless message. The characters are well-defined and it is easy to care what happens to all the main players, as well as their descendants.


The pot might have become slow in the middle if it had been a longer book, but I think the pace is well set by its short length. Nothing is wasted, even the ordinary day to day tasks that the survivors must perform to feed and clothe themselves.


I would recommend this story to any reader of science fiction. It isn't overly technical, but it does require some thinking to see the subtlties in the plot.