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Traditional Fantasy

Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

Wow, followers!

I seem to have been followed by several people recently, so I suppose I had better write an introduction.


My name is Victoria and I like to read most anything but have a special love for good fantasy. I don't spend a lot of time online so I'm not here constantly. I just drop in to post a few reviews and make random comments. If I spent all my time online I would never get a chance to read!


So Hi everyone. If you have any good recommendations for fantasy books, point me that way! I like werewolves, vampires and other creatures, but not the Romance kind. I'm old fashioned about my monsters and other non-humans. Mostly I like good world building and of course a well told story. Not too many child protagonists. I'm no teenager and passed the coming of age stories long ago.