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Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

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There Will Be Time - Poul Anderson

Like many older science fiction stories, this one feels dated, but I allow for that. It sort of dragged in the first few chapters but by chapter four, the time travel aspect became a little more interesting. It was in some ways over explained and became like 'telling', but the idea itself worked well enough.


Admittedly the story moves slowly. Maybe it's too much attempt at explaining something that very little was known about in its time, or maybe it's just the author's writing style. I haven't read anything else by him so I can't be sure. I persevered because it had a lot of recommendations, though it was hard work. Unfortunately it got to be drudgery a little past halfway and the misogyny was getting irritating. I allow for a certain amount in these older scifi books but it was getting a little too thick and the lack of action was putting me to sleep, so had to DNF.