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DNF 38%

The Last Knight - Nicola S. Dorrington

This was a little more YA than is my usual taste, yet it drew me in. A girl in high school meets a cute boy and despite seeing herself as ordinary in comparison to some of the pretty popular girls, his attention is on her. Events transpire and a thinly veiled Arthurian theme comes in with some friends of his with evocative names protecting her from an unknown threat.


It's the unknown factor that loses believability. Not the supernatural goings on themselves, but the idea that any halfway intelligent girl would put total faith in a group of boys she's just met when all she gets out of them is "Something's going on but we can't tell you because you couldn't handle it." It just doesn't wash.


Eventually this just got boring and I had to give up. A shame because it had potential, but it was drawn out far too arduously.