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Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

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Time for an Epic re-read!

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight #1 - Brynne Stephens, Lela Dowling, Cynthia Martin, Anne McCaffrey Dragonquest - Anne McCaffrey The White Dragon - Anne McCaffrey Dragonsinger - Anne McCaffrey Dragonsong - Anne McCaffrey Dragondrums - Anne McCaffrey
— feeling hypnotized

I read these two trilogies in high school. They're some of the best Fantasy ever written so I've decided to read through all of them again! It's past time.


I didn't rate some of the later books. Series seem to work best in threes. In this instance the second trilogy might be even better then the first, but McCaffrey went down a new story line and I think that's what makes the difference.


Looking forward to some serious dragon time.