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Traditional Fantasy

Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

Steampunk on audio!

Airship pirates and a gentle English lilt on the narrator, what's not to love?




The Wake of the Dragon: A Steampunk Adventure

I've read the text verion of this book and really enjoyed it. The audio version is even better! A shipment of opium has been purloined by a dodgy businessman, then he loses it to a raid by airship pirates who fly at storm's edge. A spy or two, a reticent clerk, a wayward farm girl and mechanoids all contribute to a tapestry of odd characters that take the reader's emotions through tension, laughter, thoughtfulnes, excitement, outrage and a wistful longing for the freedom of the skies.


A little over 8 hours of listening pleasure and a wonderful adventure.