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Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

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Ghostwalker (The Ghostwalker's Chronicle, Part I) - Gregory J. Downs

This is an okay Fantasy book about a girl who has been captured and lost her memory, but there are plenty of hints that she is someone important. She is rescued by a Ghostwalker, sort of like a ranger but he takes a vow never to touch a woman.


There are a lot of familiar Fantasy tropes and a predictable ending, but the story along the way is generally well written, although it gets a little slow with traveling around in the same way that LOTR can get slow with moving from one place to another.


A series is in the making and the ending, while it ties up the imediate loose ends, pretty much begs you to read on to the next book to learn more about what happens and what it means to be a Ghostwalker.


A pleasant read, but not a must read.