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Reviews of books traditionally from the Fantasy genre, not Romance, and some science fiction.

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Poking Fun at Fantasy

Goblin Quest - Jim C. Hines

This is a cute story. It focuses on Jig, a runt goblin with a pet spider named Smudge. He's sort of geeky and always having to find his way out of trouble from the other goblins, who are typical fantasy goblins and might well kill him, but it's written in a way that would make it suitable for children as well as adults.


There are enough cliches to see that they're intentional. The hero, the dragon, and a full company of companions that include and elf and a dwarf, yet again, it's done in a way that parodies canned fantasy rather than adding to it.


The humour is brilliant and the adventure has some original twists and turns. I would definitely recommend it to any traditional fantasy reader.