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An oldie but a goodie!

The Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

This series is what got me seriously reading Fantasy so long ago. I actually read the second trilogy first (The HarperHall of Pern), then this one, the original three. Having them in one volume is just convenient.


Though I'm told the Pern books are being called science fiction now because they take place on another planet, they will always be Fantasy to me. Because, Dragons!


McCaffrey is one of the masters of world building. On Pern, dragons are born in egg clutches and when they hatch, children are waiting to form a psychic connection with them. The dragon chooses its companion for life, and cannot live if the rider dies. What they did before the humans came is never explained.


Periodically, another planet moves close to Pern and searing 'threads' that burn through anything fall into the skied of Pern. The dragons breathe fre to destroy the threads, accompanied by riders who carry flamethrowers. Accidents and injuries do happen, so the dragonriders are revered as a protection force (most of the time anyway).


McCaffrey writes characters that stay with you and plot lines that deal with human interaction as well as human/dragon communications. If you like Fantasy and haven't read this series, get it! At least the first two trilogies. After that the quality varies.